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New Hampshire Officers’ Fatal Shooting of Armed Man Justified, Attorney General Says

New Hampshire Officers Shot Armed Man to Death [Photo: Union Leader]
New Hampshire Officers Shot Armed Man to Death [Photo: Union Leader]

An investigation revealed that the fatal shooting of Adnan Husejnovic by six New Hampshire officers was justified. Despite the officers’ use of deadly force, reports say they will not face any criminal charges.

New Hampshire Officers Shot Armed Man to Death [Photo: WHDH]

New Hampshire Officers Shot Armed Man to Death [Photo: WHDH]

On June 19, 2022, at around 2 a.m., the New Hampshire officers responded to a domestic violence 911 report in the parking lot of a pharmacy in Manchester. Upon arriving at the scene, they found Adnan Husejnovic, 33, inside a vehicle with his wife outside.

An article in Fox News states that the wife reported Husejnovic for assaulting her inside the vehicle. However, Husejnovic refused to surrender to the New Hampshire officers which led to almost a 90-minute standoff. One of the officers, Sgt. Eric Joyal, saw Husejnovic raise a firearm and his finger on the trigger which allegedly prompted him to fire five or six rounds.

Thereafter, five other New Hampshire officers also fired their weapons at Husejnovic. The officers were later identified as Officers Brendon Megan, Eric Cooper, and Jake Sawtelle of Manchester Police and State Troopers Brandon Tallon and Tyler Duhamel of New Hampshire State Police.

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New Hampshire Officers Shooting Justified

According to an article on, on June 2, the office of Attorney General John M. Formella announced that the use of deadly force by the New Hampshire officers was justified and will not be faced with criminal charges.

Furthermore, a toxicology test discovered that Husejnovic had several drugs in his system that resulted in acute intoxication. Reportedly, he also had around 34 documented contacts with Manchester Police and a criminal record with convictions for domestic simple assault.

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