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Up To $700 Million Fund For Public Universities In Texas From Two Senate Bills, Check It Here!

Public Universities In Texas
Up To $700 Million Fund For Public Universities In Texas From Two Senate Bills (PHOTO: KSAT 12)

Public universities in Texas received a promising boost when state lawmakers unveiled the final version of the budget for the next two years, which included an additional $700 million in state funding, Texas Tribune reported.

 Public Universities In Texas

Up To $700 Million Fund For Public Universities In Texas From Two Senate Bills (PHOTO:

$700 Million Fund For Public Universities In Texas

The university leaders had initially requested these extra funds at the beginning of the session and had agreed to freeze undergraduate tuition for the next two years in exchange for this financial support from the state. However, there was a catch.

Budget writers added a stipulation that the universities would only receive this additional funding if two specific pieces of legislation were passed: Senate Bill 17 and Senate Bill 18. Senate Bill 17 aimed to prohibit diversity, equity, and inclusion offices in Texas higher education, while Senate Bill 18 proposed a ban or overhaul of tenure.

Both bills were ultimately sent to the governor for approval by the end of the regular session.

The decision to link the funding to the passage of these bills came as a shock to Texas faculty leadership groups. It highlighted the underlying tension surrounding discussions on higher education during this session.

While public universities in Texas and their allies sought a portion of the state’s substantial $32.7 billion budget surplus, they also had to navigate the politics surrounding controversial bills that critics argue could have detrimental effects on Texas’ higher education system.

While the universities made efforts to secure the funding, they remained largely silent on the measures to ban diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and restrict tenure. This silence disappointed students and faculty who had hoped for stronger advocacy from university leaders.

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Funds For Public Universities In Texas

In addition to the $700 million allocation for public universities in Texas, the state also invested over $650 million in community colleges this year as part of an agreement based on student outcomes. Furthermore, four public universities will benefit from a new $3 billion endowment to support their research activities. The state’s flagship universities in Austin and College Station were granted nearly $700 million to enhance their microchip research and development facilities.

Despite the additional funding, the absence of university leaders’ vocal support for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and tenure protection left students and faculty disheartened. Advocacy groups like Texas Students for DEI called on universities to stand up and safeguard the jobs of DEI employees who may be at risk due to the bills awaiting the governor’s approval.

The legislative session witnessed significant changes and debates concerning higher education in Texas. While university leaders aimed to secure funding for various programs and initiatives, they also had to navigate the political landscape and address concerns raised by students and faculty.

With the state setting aside around $43 billion in the regular budget for public colleges and universities, including a notable increase in general funds for public universities, it remains to be seen how these developments will shape the future of higher education in Texas.

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