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North Houston Bystanders Assaulted Driver After Running Over 2 Women, HPD Says

Police said North Houston bystanders were angry about the driver running over the women, so they pulled him from his car and assaulted him. (Photo: ABC13)
Police said North Houston bystanders were angry about the driver running over the women, so they pulled him from his car and assaulted him. (Photo: ABC13)

A violent confrontation unfolds after North Houston bystanders attacked a driver after allegedly running over two women and toppling a power pole.

North Houston bystanders beat driver accused of running over 2 women. (Photo: ABC13)

North Houston bystanders beat a driver accused of running over two women. (Photo: ABC13)

North Houston Bystanders Assaulted Driver

A late-night altercation turned into a harrowing incident in north Houston, resulting in two women being hospitalized and two individuals taken into custody, according to the Houston Police Department (HPD).

The incident occurred around 2 a.m. in the parking lot of Micheladas Tres Hermanos in the 7700 block of Airline Drive, near Gurney Lane, shortly after the bar had closed for the night, ABC 13 reported.

As per HPD, the sequence of events began when an individual arrived at the location and engaged in an argument with someone in the parking lot. Allegedly, the suspect proceeded to drive recklessly, colliding with two cars.

Subsequently, he reversed down Airline Drive, tragically running over two women who were exiting the parking lot.

The suspect did not stop there. Reportedly, he continued to reverse his vehicle until he struck a power pole, causing it to topple over. The impact resulted in a power outage in the area, with crews diligently working to restore electricity throughout Monday afternoon.

Neighbor Christopher Castello described the collision as resembling an explosion, comparing it to the intensity of a Fourth of July celebration. The abruptness and magnitude of the incident left witnesses shaken and filled with disbelief.

“It’s something you don’t want to go through. It’s a difficult thing,” expressed another witness. “He’s going to get what he gets, and God is going to punish him for his decisions.”

Attempting to flee the scene, the driver was intercepted by a crowd of people who had witnessed the entire ordeal.

Rebecca Dallas from the HPD revealed that some pedestrians, angered by the injuries inflicted on the two women, forcibly pulled the suspect out of his vehicle and began assaulting him.

Amidst the chaos, one of the North Houston bystanders launched a violent attack on the driver. However, when law enforcement arrived, the assailant fled from the scene, according to HPD.

Dallas explained that upon confrontation by the officers, the suspect struck one of them in the lip before being subdued with a Taser.

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North Houston Bystander and Driver Face Charges

Both the North Houston bystander and the suspect were taken into custody, with the bystander facing charges related to assaulting an officer and the suspect critically injured as a result of the assault.

Investigators suspect that drugs and alcohol played a significant role in the disturbing series of events that unfolded that night.

While the women who were run over are expected to survive, they suffered critical injuries.

Charges for both the suspect and the North Houston bystander are currently pending as authorities continue their investigation into the incident.

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