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$200 Monthly Payments Will Be Available To Musicians And Their Art In New York

Monthly Payments
$200 Monthly Payments Will Be Available To Musicians And Their Art In New York (PHOTO: USTimesPost)

Musicians and their art in New York will receive an innovative grant program to support them from the Local Sound Collaborative, but certain qualifications must be met before you can get the cash.

 Monthly Payments

$200 Monthly Payments Will Be Available To Musicians And Their Art In New York (PHOTO: The US Sun)

$200 Monthly Payments

The Rochester, New York-based program desires to financially support and assist independent musicians who need financial assistance, the grant’s application outlines.

If selected, the musicians will have a monthly payment of $200 starting December 1, 2023, till December 1, 2024.

The universal basic income is a monthly payment and it is no strings attached, hence, recipients can decide to use the funds however they wish.

Recipients can use the money to purchase groceries, pay their electric bills, or more discretionary purchases such as buying a new piece of equipment for the music they’re working on.

Applications were supposedly opened on April 3, but the countdown is fast approaching to obtain your online form submitted.

April 3 and September 3 is the schedule for applicants to be interviewed about the program. Moreover, on June 3, Saturday application portal is set to officially close.

All recipients will be informed of the final decision on November 1.

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Here’s How To Qualify

To qualify for the eligibility requirements, there are a couple of things that need to meet.  First, you must be able to provide proof that you live in the greater Rochester area.

Additionally, the aged requirement must be age 18 and older can participate in the program. Identifying as a member, worker, or participant within the local music community is also the main requirement, The Local Sound Collaborative outlines in its application.

That means anyone from live musicians to studio musicians, production engineers, and sound technicians is welcome to join the program to avail of the cash assistance of a $200 monthly payment.

Six artists will be selected this year, with three spots secured for people of color.

The organization said in its application that they desire to promote equity, and fairness and reflect the variety of Rochester’s music scene through the program they offer to those eligible musicians and make it as leisurely as possible for musicians to have access to the help provided.

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