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Californian Lawmakers Are Considering To Loose CalWORKs Job Requirements 

Californian lawmakers are doing the opposite move to loosen CalWORKs job requirements so people keep cash benefits compared to most of the US states that ruled to tighten work requirements to get the food assistant benefit.


Californian Lawmakers Are Considering To Loose CalWORKs Job Requirements (PHOTO: California Local)

California To Considers Loosen The CalWORKs Job Requirements

Republicans in Congress are pushing for a stricter rule in implementing work requirements in order to receive welfare, but California lawmakers are moving to do the opposite action for their residents.

On Wednesday, the state Assembly budget proposal, and in a bill the Assembly enacted is a plan to remake CalWORKs, the state’s federally funded cash welfare program that requires recipients to work or look for a job using the list of authorized activities.

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California Wants Recipients Of CalWORKs To Participate In Activities

Calmatters reported that the modifications include recipients would have greater flexibility to participate in activities such as attending school, counseling towards domestic violence, addiction treatment, or mental health care.

It is estimated that the proposal would cost $100 million, and also would lessen financial penalties if recipients violate work rules.

This move could increase the likelihood that fewer recipients would find employment and that California would miss a key federal work standard, for which it could be fined.

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