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AJ Armstrong Trial: A Judge Has Yet To Decide Robbery Video To Be Used As Evidence!

AJ Armstrong Trial
AJ Armstrong Trial, A Judge Has Yet To Decide Robbery Video To Be Used As Evidence! (PHOTO: ABC13)

In the ongoing capital murder AJ Armstrong trial, crucial evidence has been presented, including text messages, police interrogation records, and autopsy photos. However, one piece of evidence remains that Judge Kelli Johnson has yet to decide on a surveillance video clip capturing a robbery at the Armstrongs’ gym in Bellaire, ABC13 reported.

AJ Armstrong Trial

AJ Armstrong Trial, A Judge Has Yet To Decide Robbery Video To Be Used As Evidence! (PHOTO: ABC13)

AJ Armstrong Trial

The video has the potential to shed light on an “alternative perpetrator,” according to Armstrong’s defense attorney, Rick DeToto. The defense argues that Armstrong was already in jail, charged with his parents’ murder, when the break-in occurred.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, contest any connection between the robbery and the murders. Assistant District Attorney Ryan Trask pointed out that nothing was taken from the Armstrongs’ home during the capital murder. The AJ Armstrong trial has seen allegations raised against Armstrong’s older half-brother, Josh Armstrong, who has a mental illness. The defense asserts that evidence supporting this theory has only strengthened over time.

However, the prosecution maintains that Josh Armstrong is not on trial, and no one has positively identified the individuals seen in the surveillance video as him. In the previous trials, the jury watched the video, but the defense opted not to use it in the second trial.

All eyes now turn to Judge Johnson, who is expected to decide on whether the video will be admitted as evidence before the new trial begins. Opening statements are scheduled for Monday, June 5, where the prosecution will lay out their theory of how AJ Armstrong allegedly murdered his parents when he was just 16 years old. The defense will then have an equal amount of time to present their case and argue against Armstrong’s guilt.

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AJ Armstrong Trial

The AJ Armstrong trial, which concluded an extensive three-week jury selection process, is anticipated to last between two to three weeks. If found guilty, Armstrong faces an automatic life sentence with the possibility of parole after 40 years.

As the AJ Armstrong trial proceeds, the verdict will ultimately depend on the evidence presented, including Judge Johnson’s decision on the admissibility of the surveillance video. The case has garnered significant attention, with Armstrong maintaining his innocence in exclusive interviews with ABC13. For now, the courtroom awaits the final ruling and the subsequent arguments from both sides as they seek justice in this high-profile trial.

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