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Google is updating its Google Assistant virtual companion!

Google Assistant

Google is updating its Google Assistant virtual companion to break communication barriers with users. One such update is understanding tricky names and understanding the context of conversations users share with them. To start, users will soon have the opportunity to teach how to pronounce the names of their contacts. According to Google, the Assistant will remember how the users pronounced it with no need for recording. The updates aim to understand users better, especially with complicated names and the way they are pronounced.

As per the company, the feature will be available 1st in English and slowly in other languages. Once the users get the new update on the phone, tap the Record your option under the contact field to get started in the Assistant settings menu. Google said to more accurately grasp the context, it completely rebuilt the AI’sAI’s natural language understanding models. Because of Google’s BERT technology, words can be processed holistically instead of one-by-one.

With those additions, the company now claims. Assistant is getting another update to improve its Timer feature. In the case, in mid-sentence, the user changes the command, the Assistant would understand the exact input and no need for a fresh set of voice commands. As per Google, it can be very frustrating when users try to call or send a text using Google Assistant, and AI cannot recognize names or mispronounces a contact.

To further enhance Assistant’s contextual awareness, the company is using the same BERT technology. For example, if a user starts a conversation about any place and if the user asks for the best places to visit, then the Assistant will understand that the user is talking about the same place for which the discussion started. It can also understand questions related to things users are looking at on their smart display or phone. All of those enhancements will make conversations with the Assistant feel more valuable and natural.

Users who live in the U.S can try this feature out today on an Assistant-capable smart speaker with availability on smart displays and phones to follow soon.

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