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Shooting Suspect Kills 5, Including 8-Year-Old, Inside Home in Texas

Shooting Suspect Francisco Oropeza [Photo: New York Post]
Shooting Suspect Francisco Oropeza [Photo: New York Post]

An arrest warrant is issued for Francisco Oropeza for shooting five individuals, including an 8-year-old, to death. Reports say the shooting suspect was intoxicated when he shot an AR-15 rifle from his front porch in Texas.

Shooting Suspect Killed 5 Individuals [Photo: The Sun]

Shooting Suspect Killed 5 Individuals [Photo: The Sun]

On the night of April 28, Francisco Oropeza, 39, was intoxicated when he began shooting with an AR-15 rifle from his front porch in Cleveland, Texas. Before the incident, neighbors reportedly asked Oropeza to be quiet because of a sleeping baby but Oropeza argued that he was in his property.

According to Jones, San Jacinto Country Sheriff Greg Capers stated that one individual inside their residence captured a video of Oropeza walking up to their front door with the AR-15. Thereafter, the deputies received multiple 911 calls about the shooting suspect.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, the deputies discovered four individuals have been killed by the shooting suspect, including an 8-year-old. The child was declared dead after being transported via a medical helicopter to a local trauma center. Three of the deceased were reportedly female, while the remaining two were male. Furthermore, another individual was in a critical condition from the several gunshot wounds they were suffering.

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Other Victims of the Shooting Suspect

An article in CNN states that other three victims of the shooting suspect were also transported to a hospital. Reports say they were covered in blood but not wounded. In addition, two other victims were also released after they were assessed at the crime scene.

The SWAT of Montgomery County arrived at the crime scene to assist in clearing and determined that the shooting suspect had already fled the area. Allegedly, the suspect ran way by bike or by foot but is still within a two-mile radius of the crime scene. An arrest warrant and a bond worth $5 million have already been issued for the shooting suspect.

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