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Fundraiser for Gun Violence Prevention After Husband Kills Engineer Wife in North Carolina

Michael Aaron Matthews [Photo: ABC11]
Michael Aaron Matthews [Photo: ABC11]

Michael Aaron Matthews was accused of killing his engineer wife, Nabaruna Karmakar, in North Carolina. Following the incident, Karmakar’s family raised money to advocate for gun violence prevention.

Fundraising for Gun Violence Prevention [Photo: The News & Observer]

Fundraising for Gun Violence Prevention [Photo: The News & Observer]

On April 14, 911 allegedly received a call from Michael Aaron Matthews, 40, who reported a double suicide after shooting his wife, Nabaruna Karmakar, 33, to death. When Matthews hung up, a dispatcher called him back to confirm his report to which he replied, “Yes. Thank you.”. Shortly around 9 p.m., authorities responded to the crime scene at the couple’s home in Morrisville, North Carolina.

An article in The News & Observer states that upon arriving at the crime scene, the authorities discovered Karmakar with two wounds from gunshot. Despite Matthews’ report of a double suicide, apparently, Karmakar was the only individual shot by a gun at the crime scene. This means that the authorities believe that Karmakar was murdered. Reports say Karmakar worked at the SAS Institute for research and obtained her industrial engineering master’s and doctorate degrees from the North Carolina State University.

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Gun Violence Prevention Advocacy

According to Acosta, four days after Karmakar was shot to death by her husband, the victim’s family decided to raise money through a GoFundMe page to advocate gun violence prevention. The fundraiser page states that the money that will be raised will be used to benefit the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. The non-profit organization’s website states that they were formed in 2013 to study about gun violence prevention and provide trauma-informed training and programs for survivors.

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