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Family of Bijan Ghaisar, Killed by U.S. Park Police, Reaches $5 Million Settlement

Bijan Ghaisar [Photo: FOX 5 DC]
Bijan Ghaisar [Photo: FOX 5 DC]

Bijan Ghaisar was shot to death by the United States Park Police in Virginia in 2017. Ghaisar’s family has reached a settlement with the federal government where they agreed to pay $5 million for the incident.

Bijan Ghaisar Killed by U.S. Park Police [Photo: The Washington Post]

Bijan Ghaisar Killed by U.S. Park Police [Photo: The Washington Post]

In 2017, a dashcam footage revealed that during a vehicle pursuit, Bijan Ghaisar, 25, stopped twice before he was shot by two officers of the United States Park Police, a unit of the National Park Service, on the third stop. An amended complaint filed by his family in the U.S. District Court states that Ghaisar was unarmed when the incident happened in Fairfax County, Virginia.

An article in CNN states that Bijan Ghaisar was immediately transferred to a hospital after the incident. He spent ten days in a comatose but unfortunately died. The U.S. federal government reportedly denied responsibility for the shooting incident. In court documents, they argued that Bijan Ghaisar was not shot until he drove his vehicle at one of the police officers at the crime scene.

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Settlement for Bijan Ghaisar’s Death

According to Barakat, the family of Bijan Ghaisar filed a civil lawsuit against the U.S. federal government. Court documents revealed that the lawsuit claimed that Ghaisar’s death was wrongful and the infliction of emotional distress was intentional.

Years of investigations after the shooting incident called on allies and supporters including the U.S. Congress members. Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Mark Warner of Virginia issued several joint statements that urged the Department of Justice to reveal more information about the shooting incident. Eventually, the U.S. federal government has agreed to pay $5 million in settlement to the family of Bijan Ghaisar.

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