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Atlanta Police Make Arrest in Connection with Murder of Black Transgender Woman Featured in Sundance Documentary “Kokomo City”

Atlanta police have arrested a 17-year-old suspect in connection with the murder of Rasheed Williams, a black transgender woman who was featured in the Sundance Film Festival documentary “Kokomo City.”

Koko Da Doll, a transgender woman who appeared in the popular documentary Kokomo City at Sundance, was discovered deceased in Atlanta on Tuesday evening.

Arrest Made in Connection with the Murder of a Black Transgender Woman


The victim, who performed under the name Koko Da Doll, was found shot to death in southwest Atlanta on April 18. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jermarcus Jernigan turned himself in on April 26 and is now being charged with murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm. Although the police statement did not name the victim, the director of “Kokomo City” confirmed Williams’ death.


D. Smith, the director of “Kokomo City,” created the film to show the “fun, humanized, natural side of black trans women” and to challenge the portrayal of transgender individuals as statistics or victims of violence. The Atlanta Police Department is currently investigating three violent crimes against transgender women this year.


CBS News reported that the department cannot release more information about the incident at this time.


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Atlanta Police Acknowledge Violence Against Transgender Women


The Atlanta Police Department has stated that it is aware of the high levels of violence that black and brown transgender women face in America. While the department believes the incidents against the transgender women are unrelated, they are actively investigating the cases.


The department’s statement indicates that they recognize the severity of the situation and are working to prevent further incidents.


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