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Canadian Socialite Pleads Guilty to Killing Belize Police Officer in Pier Shooting – Faces Up to 5 Years in Prison

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by negligence for the shooting of a Belize police officer, Henry Jemmott, according to the Belizean government. Hartin, who was in a relationship with Andrew Ashcroft, son of UK billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, at the time of the incident, has shared her version of the story with “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant.

Jasmine Hartin, the Canadian socialite, has pled guilty to causing the death of a police officer during a shooting on a pier in Belize.

Details of the Shooting Incident


Hartin met Ashcroft in 2015, and they had twins in the following year. Jemmott was a friend of Ashcroft’s and would often come over to their home for dinner. In May 2021, according to CBS News, Hartin called Jemmott for help after being attacked at a party. Jemmott advised her to get a gun, and a few days later, while they were drinking on a pier, Jemmott handed Hartin a gun which accidentally went off, killing him.


The shooting of police superintendent Henry Jemmott shocked Belize, and rumors about drugs and infidelity circulated. However, investigators did not publicly disclose any intentional motive behind the shooting. Jemmott’s family did not believe Hartin’s account of the incident, and his sister Cherry Jemmott told “48 Hours” that her brother would never treat his firearm that way.


Despite speculation about Hartin’s intentions, she has claimed that she was not interested in Ashcroft’s wealth but in building a life together. Hartin worked as a realtor on Ambergris Caye before meeting Ashcroft.


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Sentencing and Possible Jail Time


In Belize, as BBC repored, the maximum prison sentence for manslaughter by negligence is five years. Hartin’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 31, and she could face up to five years in prison.


While the incident has been a tragedy for all involved, Hartin’s guilty plea brings some closure to the case. The shooting has been a high-profile case in Belize, with many following the story closely. With the plea and the upcoming sentencing, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Hartin, Ashcroft, and the Jemmott family.


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