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School Lockdown After Students Consume Opioid-Laced Grape Juice in Philadelphia

Several students at Crossroads Accelerated Academy in West Philadelphia consumed grape juice laced with an opioid called “wonk,” prompting a temporary lockdown of the school on Wednesday.

Officials stated that on Wednesday, students at a school in Philadelphia had to be hospitalized after consuming grape juice that was mixed with a substance containing opioids.

Opioid-Laced Grape Juice Consumed by Students


Two students brought grape juice infused with the dangerous drug “wonk” to Crossroads Accelerated Academy in West Philadelphia, which was consumed by 12 students aged between 12 and 16 years, according to Fox 29 Philadelphia.


The students who drank the juice experienced symptoms such as headaches and vomiting, and five of the affected students were transported to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in stable condition. Seven other students were picked up by their parents with milder symptoms.


The school was temporarily locked ”own, and police and counterterrorism officers conducted a search of the school, as reported by Fox News. Further details about the incident were not provided by the Philadelphia Police Department.


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Reminder of the Dangers of Opioid Abuse


The incident at Crossroads Accelerated Academy serves as a reminder of the dangers of opioid abuse, especially among young people. Opioid-laced drinks are a growing concern across the United States.


Officials from the school and law enforcement authorities are urging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drug use and to monitor their children’s social media activity. They are also encouraging parents to be vigilant about any unusual behavior or changes in habits. The school is cooperating with the police investigation to ensure the safety of all students.


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