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Florida Uber Eats Driver Murdered; Remains Found in Gang Member’s House

Florida Uber Eats Driver Murdered [Photo:]
Florida Uber Eats Driver Murdered [Photo:]

A Florida Uber Eats driver was reported missing for being unresponsive after his last delivery on April 19. Upon searching through his last known location, detectives found human remains in trash bags.

Oscar Solis, Gang Member Who Killed Florida Uber Eats Driver [Photo: CP24]

Oscar Solis, Gang Member Who Killed Florida Uber Eats Driver [Photo: CP24]

On April 19, a Florida Uber Eats driver was going about his deliveries when he texted his wife that he would come home soon after one more delivery. After not hearing from the driver for a while, the wife texted again. However, after a few more hours with no response, the wife immediately reported the driver missing.

According to Freiman, two days after the report, the authorities went to the last known location of the Florida Uber Eats driver which was the last address he delivered to. A roommate reportedly provided a video to the police which showed that the victim was seen walking up to their house to deliver food before 7 p.m. on April 19. The video was cut off at that point, but the next day, two individuals were seen taking out several bags of trash. Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco stated that when the detectives searched through the bags, they discovered human remains.

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Investigating the Murder of the Florida Uber Eats Driver

According to Massie, one of the individuals was identified as Oscar Solis, 30. Solis had reportedly been paroled in Indiana and transferred to Florida last January. However, Solis was arrested for not registering a violation of parole and as a felon with the county. On April 24, after the detectives discovered the Florida Uber Eats driver’s wedding ring and car keys inside his house, Solis was arrested for felony murder in conjunction with the robbery.

In addition, the Florida Uber Eats driver’s car was discovered about a third of a mile from Solis’ house. Reports say inside the car’s trunk, detectives discovered a trash bag with paper towels, rags soaked with blood, and a red Door Dash bag inside. Furthermore, they also discovered a receipt of a time out punch card from a gentleman’s club with Solis’ name on it. Reportedly, Solis worked as a security in the said club.

To date, the other individual with Solis is not yet clearly identified. The house is leased to the roommate and Solis’ father. The roommate was not home at the time of the killing of the Florida Uber Eats driver and Solis’ father had moved out when the suspect transferred from Indiana. Nonetheless, both the roommate and Solis’ father are reportedly cooperating with the investigators. Nocco stated that Solis associated with the MS-13 gang and had already served four years in prison for assault and burglary. While in prison, Solis was also allegedly accused of stabbing an individual.

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