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Family of Louisville Shooting Suspect Calls for Destruction of AR-15 Used in Attack

The family of Connor Sturgeon, the man responsible for killing five of his co-workers in a Louisville bank shooting, is calling for the destruction of the AR-15 rifle he used. Currently, Kentucky law requires confiscated firearms to be sent to auction, but Mayor Craig Greenberg has voiced concern over the potential for the weapon to return to circulation.

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg addressed the press about the fatal shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville, which resulted in multiple casualties and injuries.

Family Takes Action to Ensure Confiscated AR-15’s Destruction


A family spokesperson reports that the Sturgeon family is making every effort to ensure that the rifle used in the shooting is destroyed. They have already enlisted the help of federal agents to take possession of the firearm.


The family is also urging the Kentucky state legislature to remove the gun auction provision from the law. They were shocked to learn that the rifle could potentially be sold and put back into circulation.


Based on a Fox News’ report, Mayor Greenberg has criticized the current law and is actively seeking ways to make confiscated weapons unusable. He worries that the “murder weapon” will be back on the streets one day under Kentucky’s current law.


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Gun Auctions by Kentucky State Police


Confiscated guns are auctioned off by the Kentucky State Police to federally licensed gun dealers. The total amount of the auction last year reached almost $174,000, ABC News reported.


The shooting claimed the lives of five people, including Tommy Elliott, a friend of both Mayor Greenberg and Governor Andy Beshear. Eight others were injured in the shooting, with Officer Nick Wilt still in critical condition after being shot in the head. The Sturgeon family is calling for meaningful gun safety measures to be implemented to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.



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