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Newsbreak: Historic Decision by Caribbean Leaders to Ban Assault-Style Weapons Produced in US in Fight Against Gun Violence and Smuggling

Leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have agreed to impose bans on assault-style weapons, which are mostly produced in the US, to combat gun violence and smuggling in the 15-nation bloc. The decision was made following a two-day summit in Trinidad, where CARICOM leaders discussed ways to address crime in the region.

Proposed bans necessitate changes in licensing regulations and legislation due to member nations planning to sue US gun manufacturers for weapons smuggled into their countries.

The Need for Bans on Assault-Style Weapons


CARICOM leaders agreed to introduce bans on assault-style weapons to curb gun violence and smuggling, which have been increasing in recent years.


This decision comes after several member nations announced plans to sue American gun manufacturers over the weapons smuggled into their countries. The proposed bans would require changes in licensing regulations and legislation.


The leaders of the Caribbean countries convened a roundtable to discuss the issue of crime, particularly gangland violence, which was fueled by the availability of high-powered, military-style weapons smuggled mostly from the US. Jamaica, Trinidad, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, and Barbados had complained about an increase in gun murders in recent years, as reported by Fox News.


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Dialogue with US President Joe Biden


CARICOM leaders have requested dialogue with US President Joe Biden on the weapons issue. The CARICOM Chairman, Phillip Davis, told the summit that in his country, 98.6% of recovered illegal firearms could be traced back to the United States. Similarly, in Haiti, it was 87.7%, and in Jamaica, it was 67%. The proposed ban would target mostly assault-style weapons, which are responsible for many of the violent crimes in the Caribbean.


To support the ban, according to VOA, the countries in the Caribbean would require legislation, and the leaders called on opposition parties throughout the region to support any parliamentary action by their governments. By imposing bans on assault-style weapons, CARICOM leaders hope to reduce gun violence and smuggling in the region.


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