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Crosley Green Returned to Prison 2 Years After Overturn of Murder Conviction in Florida

Crosley Green [Photo: TheGrio]
Crosley Green [Photo: TheGrio]

Crosley Green returned to prison two years after his murder conviction was overturned in Florida. The overturn was made in 2021 where Green was thereafter authorized to leave prison on conditional release.

Crosley Green with Fiancée Kathy Spikes [Photo: WLFI]

Crosley Green with Fiancée Kathy Spikes [Photo: WLFI]

On April 17, Crosley Green, 65, has returned to prison two years after he had spent his life outside the jail walls. In those two years, Green had spent time with his grandchildren, attended church, worked at a machine grafting facility, and got engaged with his fiancée, Kathy Spikes.

According to Chasan, the decision that Crosley Green must return to prison came around two weeks after the ruling of U.S. District Judge Roy Dalton. On Monday, at around 5 p.m., Green surrendered to the Florida’s Department of Corrections. He came along with Spikes, his family members, and his attorneys, Jeane Thomas and Keith Harrison, who have represented him for 15 years.

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Crosley Green’s Murder Conviction

An article on CNN states that in 2021, Crosley Green was authorized to leave prison after serving more than 30 years on a conditional release. This was three years after a federal court in Orlando had overturned his murder conviction.

However, the decision was appealed by the state of Florida which reinstated the conviction after winning last year. Green’s defense team reportedly petitioned to the U.S. Supreme Court. However, the court refused to hear Crosley Green’s case in late February.

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