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Newsbreak: House Republicans Accused of Defending Trump in Field Hearing as Manhattan DA Bragg Sues Judiciary Chairman Jordan

House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee held a field hearing in Manhattan to undermine the criminal case against Donald Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, claiming that Bragg is politically motivated and not focused on addressing crime in New York City.

Democrats criticized Republicans for defending Trump instead of prioritizing public safety issues such as gun violence, and recommended that they pass legislation to improve community safety instead.

Democrats accuse Republicans of acting as Trump’s defense team


Democrats accused Republicans of acting as an extension of Trump’s defense team and urged them to focus on public safety issues like gun violence instead. They argued that the hearing was not in the best interest of the public but rather a political move to defend Trump. Democrats suggested that Republicans instead focus on passing legislation that would help reduce gun violence and make communities safer, as reported by CNN.


This Is the first of several field hearings that will examine crime in cities with Democratic mayors. The Republicans have planned a series of hearings to criticize the handling of crime in Democratic-run cities, which they claim is the root of the problem. Democrats, however, believe that Republicans are using these hearings as a political tool to distract from other important issues, such as gun violence.


Witnesses at the field hearing highlighted the arguments each party has been making. Witnesses called by Republicans testified about the crime and violence they have experienced in New York and criticized Bragg for not prosecuting crimes aggressively enough. According to New York Times, witnesses called by Democrats pointed to statistics that show crime in New York City is declining and argued that Republicans are holding the hearing for political purposes.


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Bragg sues House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan


Bragg responded by suing Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and attempting to prevent him from conducting particular investigative actions on the grounds that Congress has the authority to oversee state-level criminal proceedings.


It’s worth noting that Manhattan’s current levels of violent crime and murder are down significantly from the early 1990s. While there are still issues with crime and violence in New York City, the overall trend has been a decrease in violent crime over the past few decades. This fact supports Bragg’s argument that the hearing is politically motivated and not focused on addressing the actual issue of public safety.


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