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Devastated Husband Turns Investigator: Uncovering the Truth Behind High Fashion Model’s Mysterious Death in Marina del Rey

Jan Cilliers, devastated by the death of his wife, Christy Giles, a 24-year-old high fashion model, in Marina del Rey, California, on November 12, 2021, is determined to uncover the truth behind her mysterious demise. As he mourns his loss, Cilliers has taken on the role of an investigator, piecing together a timeline of events through social media posts and conversations with friends and suspecting foul play in Giles’ untimely death.

Christy Giles shared videos and photos with her husband Jan Cilliers of her and their cat watching the sunset on Nov. 12, 2021, expressing her wish that he could be there with them. Cilliers expressed his eternal regret for not being there.

Giles and Cabrales’ Night Out Takes a Dark Turn


Jan Cilliers grew increasingly worried when he couldn’t reach his wife, Christy Giles, who had been planning a girls’ night out with her friend, Hilda Marcela Cabrales. Cilliers, who was in San Francisco visiting his father at the time, noticed that Giles’ phone was pinging at an unfamiliar address in West Los Angeles. Adding to his concerns, Cabrales’ phone was also pinging at the same address, leading Cilliers to take action.


Using social media, according to CBS News, Cilliers identified the owner of the address as David Pearce, a self-proclaimed “Hollywood producer” known for his questionable reputation. Cilliers shared this information with detectives, along with text messages exchanged between Giles and Cabrales that revealed their plan to leave the location they had been taken to and catch an Uber. What was meant to be a night of fun had taken a dark turn.


Cilliers expressed disbelief that his wife, Giles, would have intentionally caused her own overdose and suspected foul play. With the evidence of their phones pinging at an unfamiliar address and the involvement of a dubious individual, Cilliers was determined to uncover the truth about what had happened to his wife and her friend.


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Investigations Reveal Overdoses and Separate Hospital Drop-Offs


Further investigations into Giles and Cabrales’ night out revealed that both women had suffered from drug overdoses. They were dropped off at separate hospitals, two hours apart, after being found in critical condition. Tragically, Giles did not survive, while Cabrales remained in critical condition, adding to the urgency of Cilliers’ search for answers.


Cilliers has been actively sharing updates on social media, piecing together a timeline of events through posts and conversations with friends. According to a posted report by Sandhill Express, He remains committed to finding the truth about his wife’s untimely death and seeking justice. What was initially a devastating loss has now turned into a quest for answers as Cilliers continues to mourn the loss of his beloved wife while fighting to uncover the truth.


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