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Floyd and Clark County Residents Hit with Steep Property Tax Hikes Amid Assessments, Inflation, and Delays

Property tax bills in Floyd and Clark counties will see significant increases due to assessed value hikes and other factors.

Officials say that higher tax bills are caused by assessments keeping up with market values, as well as inflation and higher costs of goods.

Floyd and Clark County Property Owners Face Significant Property Tax Increases


The recent property tax bills for spring and fall were sent out in Floyd County, with Clark County property owners set to receive their bills soon. However, residents in both counties are anticipating significant increases in their property taxes. Floyd County property owners are facing a rise of 16%–18%, while Clark County property owners can expect an increase of about 10%–15%.


These increases are largely due to assessments catching up to market values, as officials have stated. Factors such as inflation and the cost of goods are also contributing to the higher tax bills. According to an article posted by Yahoo, Floyd County Treasurer Steve Burks has acknowledged that assessments are finally aligning with current market values, which is resulting in a significant increase in property taxes for residents in the county.


Efforts have been made to provide property tax relief through House Bill 1499, but some provisions have been removed by a state Senate committee. However, some provisions, including one that would make it easier for property owners to contest their tax assessments, remain in the bill. The impact of increased property values on property owners is being addressed through ongoing efforts in Indianapolis.


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Online Payment Options and Mailing Delays for Property Tax Bills in Clark County


Clark County property owners can expect some delays in receiving their property tax bills this year due to issues with the mailing company, according to Clark County Treasurer R. Monty Snelling. The exact cause of the delays has not been specified, but efforts are being made to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


To provide convenience for residents, online payment options are available for those who are unable to visit the treasurer’s office in person. This allows property owners in Clark County to make their property tax payments online, even if they have not yet received their physical bills. The fall property tax payments are still due on Nov. 13, as scheduled, despite the mailing delays.


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