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Former LA Deputies Indicted on Civil Rights Violation Charges for Unlawful Detention of Skateboarder

A skateboarder's civil rights are allegedly being violated by 2 former LA sheriff's officers.

Miguel Vega and Christopher Hernandez are accused of violating the civil rights of a skateboarder and conspiring to cover up the incident. They are also charged with falsifying records and witness tampering according to a Fox News report.

Federal prosecutors claim that former LA sheriff’s officers unlawfully detained a skateboarder, violating his civil rights.

Alleged Unlawful Detention and Cover-Up

The alleged unlawful detention and cover-up by two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies has raised concerns about police brutality and misconduct. The indictment accuses them of violating J.A.’s constitutional rights by detaining him without probable cause, threatening him, and falsifying incident reports.

The case highlights the need for police reform and systemic changes to address the issues of police brutality and misconduct, such as better training, accountability measures, and independent oversight bodies. This can help rebuild public trust and ensure that law enforcement agencies are serving their communities in a fair and just manner.

The case highlights the need for systemic changes in law enforcement agencies to address police brutality and misconduct, such as better training, accountability measures, and independent oversight bodies. This will lead to a more just and equitable criminal justice system.


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Charges and Repercussions

Vega and Hernandez are accused of conspiring, violating someone’s rights, influencing a witness, and fabricating records.. They surrendered to authorities after the grand jury indictment was unsealed, sparking protests and an $8 million lawsuit settlement based on the report of Meaww.

The Sheriff’s Department, which assisted in the criminal investigation, has stated that Vega and Hernandez are no longer members of the department. The former deputies were on active duty until December 2020. U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada has emphasized the importance of holding officers accountable for their actions, especially those who abuse their power and violate the oaths they take to protect communities.


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