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New York City’s ‘Rat Czar’ gears up to take on the city’s rodent problem

Kathleen Corradi, the newly-appointed "Rat Czar," taking charge and assessing the scope of the rat infestation problem in different parts of the city.

New York City has appointed Kathleen Corradi as its first-ever “Rat Czar,” tasked with leading the fight against the city’s rat infestations. Corradi’s appointment comes as the city continues to grapple with high levels of rat sightings and concerns about their impact on public health and safety. With years of experience working in public health and pest management, Corradi is ready to take on the challenge of ridding the city of its furry invaders.

The reality of garbage accumulation on the streets of New York City, which has contributed to the city’s ongoing rodent problem.

Challenges and Goals of the “Rat Czar”


As the “Rat Czar,” Corradi faces a daunting task of addressing the rat infestation issue in New York City, which has been plaguing the city for years. According to a 2022 report by RentHop, a real estate data company, New York City ranked first among US cities with the most rat sightings.


Based on an article published by USA Today, Corradi’s goal is to create a comprehensive rat control plan, working with community organizations, city agencies, and private companies to tackle the root causes of the rat problem. She plans to focus on reducing the amount of garbage and improving sanitation practices in public spaces, as well as implementing targeted extermination efforts in areas with the highest rat populations.


The “Rat Czar” position was created as part of a broader effort by the city to improve public health and safety, and it is hoped that Corradi’s leadership will help reduce the negative impact of rats on the city’s residents and infrastructure.


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Public Response and Future Plans


Corradi’s appointment has been met with mixed reactions from the public, with some expressing hope that she will be able to make a positive difference, while others remain skeptical. However, many are relieved that the city is taking the rat problem seriously and are eager to see the results of Corradi’s efforts.


According to CNN, Corradi plans to work closely with local businesses and residents to develop targeted rat control strategies that are tailored to specific neighborhoods and communities. She also plans to launch an educational campaign to raise awareness about the importance of proper garbage disposal and other practices that can help reduce the rat population.


While the road ahead is long, Corradi is determined to make a difference and is committed to finding innovative and effective solutions to the city’s rat problem.


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