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Backlash and Controversy: Howie Mandel Under Fire for Interview with ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Sandoval, Defends Himself Amidst Criticism

Howie Mandel, host of the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast, is under fire for his recent interview with “Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval. Critics have slammed Mandel for not doing his homework before the interview, but he insists that he knows who Sandoval is and what show he’s on. Mandel said he wanted to give Sandoval a platform to share his side of the story.

Howie Mandel criticized for unprepared interview with “Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval.


Criticism over Mandel’s interview with Sandoval


Mandel has received backlash from fans and media personalities alike for his recent interview with Sandoval. Mandel was criticized by Andy Cohen and Lala Kent for not doing enough research before the interview.


Mandel, however, defended himself, stating that he knows who Sandoval is and the show he’s on, but he hasn’t watched the Bravo reality show. Despite the criticism, Mandel reiterated that he wanted to provide Sandoval with a platform to share his side of the story.


During the interview, Mandel did not challenge Sandoval on his controversial actions, including cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend. Mandel acknowledged Sandoval’s vulnerability in discussing mental health and removing stigma. Mandel explained that he did not want to “weaponize” Sandoval’s actions or interrogate him as it was a podcast and not a deposition.


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Mandel’s Response to the Criticism


Mandel received criticism from Lala Kent, who mocked the lighting on his podcast while sitting in a dark hotel room in New York. Mandel revealed that he has been receiving a lot of hate on social media, with his Twitter feed being filled with negativity. He expressed that he has never experienced this level of vitriol before and feels like he’s on lockdown due to the criticism.


Despite the controversy, as reported by Page Six, Mandel reiterated that he knows who Sandoval is and what show he’s on, and he wanted to provide him with a platform to share his side. He saw Sandoval as a visibly shaken and damaged human being and empathized with those involved in Sandoval’s cheating scandal. Mandel also mentioned that he found it amusing that he’s being attacked on social media for not doing his homework.


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