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Delaware Judge Sanctions Fox News for Withholding Evidence in Dominion Lawsuit, Hints at Investigation as Shocking Revelations and Allegations Unfold in Pre-Trial Hearing

A Delaware judge sanctions Fox News for withholding evidence in the Dominion lawsuit and raises the possibility of an investigation.

Fox News sanctioned by Delaware judge for withholding evidence in Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit prior to trial.

The Discovery Process Reveals New Evidence and Revelations in Dominion’s Lawsuit Against Fox News


Fox News has been sanctioned by Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis for withholding evidence in the ongoing Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, just days before the trial is scheduled to commence. The judge expressed frustration during a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday and even hinted at the possibility of ordering an investigation into Fox News’ withholding of evidence from Dominion’s legal team during the discovery process.


Dominion’s lawyers revealed new evidence during the discovery process, including a never-before-revealed recording from former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg. Grossberg has accused Fox News of pressuring her to give false testimony in the case and has shared additional recordings with Dominion’s legal team, alleging that Fox News “destroys people” and manipulated her to be a scapegoat.


The revelations from the discovery process also include text messages from Fox News hosts, including Tucker Carlson, calling claims of electoral fraud “insane” and an acknowledgement from Rupert Murdoch, Fox News’ executive chairman, that some hosts endorsed those claims. This contradicts Fox News’ earlier assertions that Murdoch was not an officer of Fox News, as Dominion’s attorneys informed the judge.


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Fox News Defends Itself on First Amendment Grounds; Judge Orders Preservation of Communications


In response to the sanctions and revelations, Fox News has defended itself on First Amendment grounds, claiming that internal communications were selectively chosen to create press coverage. Fox News also stated that Murdoch’s role as executive chairman has been listed in SEC filings since 2019.


However, according to a report by The Hill, Judge Davis has instructed Fox News’ lawyers to preserve their communications, which could potentially uncover more revelations about the inner workings of Fox News during the time of the election. This ruling may impact Fox News’ defense in the Dominion lawsuit, as further developments are expected to emerge during the trial.


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