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Suspect’s Murder for Hire Plot for Family Member in Minnesota Failed Twice

Murder for Hire Suspect [Photo: Fox News]
Murder for Hire Suspect [Photo: Fox News]

Robert Charles Thomas Sr. was accused of conspiring to kill an unidentified family member in Minnesota. However, since 2021, Thomas Sr. has failed twice in plotting a murder for hire for the target.

Murder for Hire [Photo: Depositphotos]

Murder for Hire [Photo: Depositphotos]

Robert Charles Thomas Sr., 38, allegedly wanted to plot a murder for hire for an unidentified “close acquaintance” for believing that the target was sleeping with his wife. Reports say the “close acquaintance” was a family member of Thomas Sr. and another reason why the suspect wanted him killed was for the “substantial inheritance” he believe he could inherit from the target when dead. Nonetheless, the court documents did not reveal the target’s identity.

According to Eberhart, in 2021 was the first time Thomas Sr. plotted a murder for hire for the victim. The suspect allegedly hired a hitman for $10,000 for the murder, but court documents say the hired hitman did not follow through with the crime. This year, Thomas Sr. apparently tried to plot another murder for hire, but fortunately, the authorities were notified ahead of time.

As a result, the law enforcement set up a sting operation for the murder for hire last March that included the Todd County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and the West Central Minnesota Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.

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Undercover Murder for Hire Plot

According to Reyes, an undercover agent of BCA has posed as an assassin and arranged a meeting with Thomas Sr. in a grocery store parking lot in Long Prairie, Minnesota last month. Thomas Sr. and the undercover agent met in a car where the suspect allegedly detailed his plan for the murder for hire. The plans in question were reportedly recorded on a video for an hour.

In the end, Thomas Sr. and the undercover agent agreed on a $50,000 payment for the murder for hire which will be settled in installments. Reports say the murder was also planned to take place after Easter Sunday unless Thomas Sr. tells the undercover agent to call it off.

Eventually, on April 10, Thomas Sr. was arrested and later admitted to the murder for hire after he was interrogated by the Todd County Attorney’s Office. The suspect faced charges of conspiracy to commit murder and is scheduled to return to court on May 1. If convicted, Thomas Sr. could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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