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Katie Holmes Shares Heartfelt Experience Working with Daughter Suri in Her Films

Katie Holmes expressed her love for her daughter Suri Cruise and shared her experience collaborating with her in her recent films. She hopes to have her involved in future projects and spoke about her protectiveness as a mother. In 2021, she shared rare photos of Suri on Instagram and talked about bonding with her during the pandemic.

Katie Holmes shines a spotlight on her love for daughter Suri Cruise, who lent her vocals to songs in her cinematic work.

The Meaningful Collaboration with Suri in Katie Holmes’ Films

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise collaborated in two of Holmes’ films, “Alone Together” and “Rare Objects”. Holmes felt it was meaningful to have her daughter participate from a place of love and family according to the report of USA Today.

Holmes hopes Suri will continue to work with her in her future projects, as it is a way to bond and create something together as a family. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Holmes said she always asks Suri to do something on her films.

Overall, the collaboration between Holmes and her daughter is a reflection of their close relationship. The actress described Suri as her heart, and the opportunity to work with her on her films was a meaningful experience for her.



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Holmes’ Protectiveness as a Mother and Bonding with Suri During the Pandemic

In addition to discussing her collaboration with Suri in her films, Katie Holmes also spoke about her protectiveness as a mother. The actress shared that she is grateful to be Suri’s parent, and she wants to protect her daughter’s privacy, especially after she was so visible at a young age.

Holmes and Suri have a close relationship, and the pandemic allowed them to bond even more based on the report of People News. Holmes shared that they spent time together doing hobbies like sewing, painting, and writing, and talked about the value of being present and listening to her daughter without pressure.

For Holmes, the pandemic was a time to appreciate the natural rhythms of motherhood and to enjoy the moments with her daughter. While parenting can be challenging, the actress shared that the time spent with Suri during the pandemic was a precious gift.


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