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Undocumented Immigrant Sentenced to Life for Murdering Whistleblower of Labor Scam in Georgia

Undocumented Immigrant, Juan Rangel-Rubio [Photo: Statesboro Herald]
Undocumented Immigrant, Juan Rangel-Rubio [Photo: Statesboro Herald]

Juan Rangel-Rubio is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of the whistleblower who exposed his illegal activities in Georgia. The undocumented immigrant reportedly scammed migrant workers with more than $3.5 million of their wages.

Undocumented Immigrant Murders Whistleblower in Georgia [Photo: Law & Crime]

Undocumented Immigrant Murders Whistleblower in Georgia [Photo: Law & Crime]

Undocumented immigrant Juan Rangel-Rubio, 46, and his brother Pablo Rangel-Rubio, 52, reportedly recruited illegal migrants in the U.S. to work in a tree-cutting business in southeast Georgia. However, wages of more than $3.5 million of the migrant workers were routed to their own accounts instead.

An article on Fox News states that Eliud Montoya, an employee, submitted a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because of this. Unfortunately, in 2017, Montoya was shot to death outside his house near Savannah, Georgia. Prosecutors state that the undocumented immigrant fired the weapon after planning the murder with his brother and Higinio Perez-Bravo, 52, their getaway driver. Reports say all three suspects were Mexican citizens illegally living in the U.S.

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Charges Faced by the Undocumented Immigrant

According to an article on AP News, the undocumented immigrant was convicted by a jury for conspiring to murder a whistleblower and other criminal counts. Almost six months after, he was sentenced by a U.S. District Court judge in Brunswick, Georgia. Rangel-Rubio was found guilty of conspiracy to conceal, harbor, and shield illegal aliens, money laundering conspiracy, conspiracy to retaliate against a witness, and conspiracy to kill a witness.

The undocumented immigrant’s brother was sentenced to more than 48 years in prison after pleading guilty to several charges connected to the conspiracy. Perez-Bravo, on the other hand, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit murder for hire. Both Pablo Rangel-Rubio and Perez-Bravo will be deported after completing their prison sentences.

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