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Local News in Arizona: Woman Charged in Two Separate Shootings, One Month Apart

The mugshot of Kathryn "Katie" Hansen, the suspect charged for a January shooting and wanted for a February shooting.

A woman who was wanted in connection to a February shooting has been arrested and charged for a separate January shooting in Phoenix, according to police reports. 25-year-old Ashley Stallworth was taken into custody on Friday after she was identified as a suspect in the January shooting that left one person injured. She now faces charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and drive-by shooting.

Police officers investigating a shooting scene in Phoenix.

February Shooting Suspect Eludes Authorities in Weeks-Long Manhunt


Kathryn “Katie” Hansen, the suspect in a January shooting in Arizona, has been on the run for weeks since authorities linked her to a separate February shooting that left one person critically injured. The victim was shot in the face and was hospitalized in critical condition. Hansen was considered armed and dangerous, and police have been searching for her since the February incident. It is unclear at this time if Hansen will also face charges for the February shooting.


Based on the article posted by US Marshal Service, the weeks-long manhunt for Hansen has gripped the community, with many concerned about her potential danger and whereabouts. Phoenix police have been working tirelessly to locate her and bring her to justice. In a press release, they expressed their appreciation for the community’s help in identifying Hansen as a suspect in the January shooting, as well as their continued support in the ongoing search for her.


The case is still ongoing, and anyone with information on Hansen’s whereabouts or the February shooting is urged to come forward. As the investigation continues, authorities are hoping to bring closure to the victims and their families and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.


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Previous Criminal Record


Hansen’s previous criminal record shows a troubling history of violence and illegal firearm possession. In 2015, Hansen was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting a man in the leg during an argument. She also had a separate conviction for drug possession.


According to an article published by Fox News, Hansen was arrested for domestic violence and violating an order of protection in 2018. During her arrest, police found multiple firearms and ammunition in her possession, leading to additional charges for illegal firearm possession. Hansen was ultimately sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to attend counseling.


Hansen’s previous criminal record raises questions about how she was able to obtain firearms and highlights the need for stricter gun control laws to prevent individuals with violent pasts from obtaining weapons.


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