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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Highlight Achievements and Potential Presidential Bid During First Public Event in South Carolina

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will attend his first public event in South Carolina on April 19, hosted by State Sen. Josh Kimbrell in Spartanburg. The visit is significant as South Carolina is a critical state for presidential candidates due to its leadoff primary. DeSantis has been traveling across the country to showcase his “Florida Blueprint” and is expected to launch a presidential bid in 2024.

On April 19th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will make his inaugural public appearance in South Carolina, which will be held in Spartanburg and hosted by State Senator Josh Kimbrell.

DeSantis to highlight his achievements in Florida


DeSantis’s visit to South Carolina will allow him to highlight his policy achievements in Florida and contrast himself with other GOP rivals. He has been showcasing his state’s economic growth, handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and conservative policies across several states, including Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan.


In South Carolina, DeSantis will also have the opportunity to appeal to the state’s heavily GOP base and potentially gain support for his potential presidential bid. State Sen. Josh Kimbrell, who is hosting the event, has been urging DeSantis to visit South Carolina and has joined a political action committee supporting DeSantis’s potential bid.


During his time in South Carolina, according to a report by AP News, DeSantis is expected to focus on his economic policies, including his support for small businesses and job creation initiatives. He may also speak about his efforts to promote school choice and reform the state’s criminal justice system.


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DeSantis needs to spend more time in South Carolina


While DeSantis has been gaining momentum in the GOP race, State Sen. Josh Kimbrell believes that he needs to spend more time in South Carolina to win. The state has already hosted GOP candidates, including former President Donald Trump, former Governor Nikki Haley, and former Governor Asa Hutchinson.


Kimbrell agrees with Trump on policy but not on the way he approached things personally. He believes that DeSantis is as popular as Trump among his heavily GOP district’s base. However, DeSantis needs to “press the flesh” and spend more time in South Carolina to gain more support from the state’s voters.


Senator Tim Scott is also considering a potential bid and is set to return to South Carolina for a summit with donors. With many GOP candidates eyeing the state, South Carolina is shaping up to be a crucial battleground in the 2024 presidential election.


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