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$500 Tax Rebates 2023 May Arrive For Volunteer Firefighters in Pennsylvania

Tax Rebates 2023 [Photo: Canara HSBC Life Insurance]
Tax Rebates 2023 [Photo: Canara HSBC Life Insurance]

$500 in Tax Rebates 2023 may arrive for the volunteer firefighters in a municipality in Pennsylvania. The Vernon Township manager was given the authority to work toward a program that will allow firefighters to reduce their taxes.

Tax Rebates 2023 for Volunteer Firefighters [Photo: FireRescue1]

Tax Rebates 2023 for Volunteer Firefighters [Photo: FireRescue1]

The supervisors of Vernon Township, a municipality in Pennsylvania, have given Rob Horvat, the municipality’s manager, the authorization to work toward a program for volunteer firefighters. Along with the chief of the Vernon Central Volunteer Fire Department, Horvat developed an eligibility criteria for the volunteer firefighters to receive the Tax Rebates 2023.

According to Smith, in 2020, a law has been passed in Pennsylvania that gave the municipalities the authorization to give volunteer workers a reduction in their tax liabilities. This law was intended to recruit and retain the volunteer workers in the state.

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Tax Rebates 2023 in Pennsylvania

An article on the Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC states that with the 2020 law, the municipalities in Pennsylvania have the authorization to establish a criteria for eligibility. This includes the hours of training a volunteer took, the number of calls they answered, and more.

Horvat stated that he had already communicated with the fire department chief and the supervisors have already agreed that information will be gathered over the next months. The Tax Rebates 2023 worth $500 are expected to arrive in Vernon Township next year. Considering the municipality’s low millage rate, the tax rebates will be up to the said amount.

Reports say former Vernon Township supervisor Tim Mullen and former manager Dave Stone also attempted to start the same program a few tears ago. However, without authorization from the state of Pennsylvania, the officials could not proceed with the program.

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