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Mysterious Killer “The Hat Man” Allegedly Connected With Murder of Kassanndra Cantrell

Mysterious Killer "The Hat Man" [Photo: Yahoo News]
Mysterious Killer "The Hat Man" [Photo: Yahoo News]

The mysterious killer known as “The Hat Man” is allegedly connected to the murder of Kassanndra Cantrell. Reports say Cantrell has been missing since leaving her family’s home in August 2020.

"The Hat Man" Victim, Kassandra Cantrell [Photo: Inside Edition]

“The Hat Man” Victim, Kassandra Cantrell [Photo: Inside Edition]

In August 2020, Kassanndra Cantrell, 33, has been reported missing two days after she had left her family’s home in Parkland, Washington. Cantrell’s mother stated that it was odd for her daughter to not stay in touch and miss the ultrasound appointment for the baby she was expecting. However, days later, Cantrell’s car was discovered abandoned in Tacoma’s Dome District.

According to Talbot, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department investigators fortunately discovered a surveillance video of a man who was seen abandoning Cantrell’s car. Reports say the man was dressed in black from head to toe except for his blue surgical gloves. Eventually, the mysterious man was identified as Colin Dudley, 40, an ex-boyfriend of Cantrell.

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Mysterious Killer “The Hat Man” Exposed

According to Larosa, broadcast networks have been calling the mysterious killer “The Hat Man”. However, the identity of “The Hat Man” have already been connected to Dudley. In September 2020, a former crime reporter of The News Tribune, Stacia Glenn, wrote that Dudley was interviewed by detectives at his residence.

During the interview, “The Hat Man” stated that he met Cantrell when she was a cast member of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” production he directed. Dudley and Cantrell reportedly dated for many months before breaking up last 2006. Dudley also claimed he was not in touch with Cantrell anymore after being in a relationship with another woman for the past three years.

However, phone records revealed that the two had communicated in February 2020 and that “The Hat Man” was the father of the baby Cantrell was expecting. A month after Cantrell’s disappearance was reported, the Pierce County Sheriff’s investigation led them to find the victim’s remains in trash bags almost 100 yards down a cliff.

Last November, the Pierce County Superior Court charged “The Hat Man” with first-degree murder in the domestic-violence killing and sentenced him to 26 years and 8 months in prison. To date, Dudley is incarcerated in a remote prison on the Olympic Peninsula at Clallam Bay Corrections Center.

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