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Newsbreak: New York Man Arrested for Stealing Chick-fil-A Cooking Oil and Selling It on the Black Market for Biodiesel Fuel

A New York man was arrested for stealing used Chick-fil-A cooking oil and selling it on the underground market. The oil is a hot commodity for its ability to be reprocessed into renewable diesel or biodiesel fuel.

A man from New York was taken into custody for allegedly stealing used cooking oil from Chick-fil-A restaurants and reselling it on the black market.


Arrest Made for Chick-fil-A Cooking Oil Theft


Police in Suffolk County have arrested a man named Hector Castrol-Espinal for his alleged involvement in the theft of used cooking oil from Chick-fil-A restaurants. The 23-year-old man from Woodside, New York, is accused of stealing the oil several times this year and reselling it on the black market.


Since January of this year, according to a report by Fox News, Castrol-Espinal has allegedly been engaged in the illicit trade of used cooking oil, as stated by the authorities. He reportedly stole the oil from Chick-fil-A locations, loaded it onto rented trucks, and then sold it to other buyers.


The illicitly acquired cooking oil is highly sought after on the black market because it can be recycled into renewable diesel or biodiesel fuel. This has made it a hot commodity for thieves like Castrol-Espinal, who seek to make a profit off of the stolen oil.


After collecting surveillance footage, authorities say Castrol-Espinal siphoned oil on multiple occasions throughout the year. He allegedly stole oil from Chick-fil-A restaurants on January 24, January 31, February 10, February 18, and March 23 of this year.


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Legal Action Taken Against Castrol-Espinal


Castrol-Espinal was detained and charged with petit larceny on five counts. A desk appearance ticket was issued to him. At a later time, the First District Court in Central Islip will arraign him.


The Suffolk County police suspect that additional businesses might have been singled out. If you suspect that you may have been a victim of this crime, they urge you to get in touch with the police and file a report by calling 631-852-COPS.


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