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Trump Vs DeSantis: Florida Legislators Respond to Trump’s Accusations Over Insurance Scam

Trump vs DeSantis [Photo: Reuters]
Trump vs DeSantis [Photo: Reuters]

In another Trump vs DeSantis conflict, the Florida legislators have responded toward the former U.S. President’s accusations of insurance scam. The state Senate launched a package that would increase the penalties and regulations against delinquent insurers.

Trump vs DeSantis [Photo: The Wall Street Journal]

Trump vs DeSantis [Photo: The Wall Street Journal]

Over the past 18 months, the legislators, along with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, have responded to an insurance scam crisis. Last month, DeSantis reportedly enacted a new law that placed restrictions on the lawsuits filed against insurers. Reports say in 2022, the state has set aside $2 billion in tax revenue intended for the additional insurance coverage on insurers’ plans.

According to Fineout, the legislators of Florida are currently moving once again to send a new proposal to the governor after another Trump vs DeSantis conflict. This initiative was made three weeks after former U.S. President Donald Trump accused DeSantis of bailing out the insurance industry. In addition, Trump also claimed that DeSantis had put down the homeowners affected by the Hurricane Ian.

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Another Trump Vs DeSantis Conflict

According to Sellers, the Florida Senate has launched an insurer accountability package that intends to increase the penalties and place more regulations against delinquent insurers. Nonetheless, the legislators plan to only gradually increase the rates proposed by insurers for the coming years. This is because the state’s property insurance market is recently on the verge of collapsing. This may result to some companies being insolvent which increases the premiums and directs homeowners to Citizens, an insurance company for last resort.

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