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Manhattan Court Judge, Along With Its Top Officials, Are Now Receiving Threats Following Trump’s Arraignment.

Manhattan Court Judge, Along With Its Top Officials, Are Now Receiving Threats Following Trump’s Arraignment.

The entire Manhattan Court is now receiving threats shortly after 24 hours of Trump’s arraignment.

Judge Juan Merchan, the presiding judge of former president Trump’s felony cases. (Photo: NBC News)

Manhattan Court and the DA’s Office Are Currently Receiving Threats

Presiding Judge Juan Merchan, along with his family, and his top officials within the Manhattan Court, are now receiving threats after 24 hours of Trump‘s arraignment. One official stated that “dozens” of threats were directed to Merchan himself but an exact time frame was not given. Another source came forward and stated that Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s DA (District Attorney), is now receiving threats through calls, letters, and emails.

The New York police have provided extra security around the DA’s office and to its staff members. The same level of security detail has been implemented to the entire Manhattan Court, especially to Judge Merchan, following the news of them receiving threats.

To take further precautions, employees at the Manhattan DA’s office had their online bios removed from their official website.

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Trump’s Hatred Towards Judge Merchan

Way before Judge Merchan and the entirety of the Manhattan Court were receiving threats, Trump blasted Merchan before, saying that he was a “highly partisan judge” and also said that Merchan and his family hated him. Trump even accused Merchan’s daughter of working for the “Biden-Harris Campaign.”

Merchan’s daughter is also receiving threats, with Trump’s sons bringing up her employment history from Harris’ campaign. Though there was no clear evidence that she is now working under a Biden-related political operation. Regardless, she is still receiving threats.

Last month, Bragg revealed that he was receiving threats, one of which was a letter stating “ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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