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White House Confirms Biden’s Trip to United Kingdom and Ireland Next Week

Biden's Trip to United Kingdom and Ireland Next Week Confirmed by the White House

The White House confirmed on Wednesday morning that President Joe Biden will visit the United Kingdom and Ireland next week.

Biden on his announcement to join Ireland on the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. (Photo: Sky News)

First stop of Biden’s Trip: Ireland

Biden‘s trip will start first with Belfast, North Ireland, next Tuesday to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement‘s 25th anniversary. Afterward, he is to travel to Ireland to “discuss close cooperation on the full range of shared global challenges,” says the White House.

Additionally, the White House announced that Biden’s trip will also include Dublin, County Mayo, and County Louth, to deliver a speech celebrating the “historic ties that link our countries and the people.”

Biden’s trip to Ireland was intended by himself to celebrate the anniversary of the Good Friday agreement, an agreement that helped the US end decades-long sectarian violence. Biden’s trip to Ireland would be the first official visit of a US president after 2013, the last to visit was former president Barack Obama.

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Biden’s Trip to the United Kingdom Initiated by King Charles III

As announced by the White House, Biden’s Trip to the United Kingdom was initiated by King Charles III after he invited President Biden to visit the UK for a formal state visit.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary of the White House, refused to state the state visit included in Biden’s trip in detail but implied that it would happen in the “near future.” With all of these in mind, Biden’s Trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland with be for strengthening bonds with allies.

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