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Newsbreak: Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Stand in Federal Court for Bribery and Money Laundering Case Involving Financier of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, a former Fugees member, arrived at federal court with his lawyer for his alleged campaign finance conspiracy trial in Washington (AP News).

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio testified in a federal court on Monday in connection with a case of international bribery and money laundering, where he discussed his relationship with Jho Low, a financier of his film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Leonardo DiCaprio gave testimony in a federal court case concerning money laundering, bribery, and a well-known rapper.

DiCaprio’s Connection with Jho Low

In a recent development, Leonardo DiCaprio provided testimony in a federal court regarding a case involving bribery and international money laundering. DiCaprio, who is not facing any charges, took the witness stand to discuss his relationship with Jho Low, a financier of his film “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Low is accused of stealing billions from a Malaysian fund while Michel, from The Fugees, allegedly helped funnel $21.6 million to Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign. Michel is said to have used straw donors to conceal the origin of the funds.

DiCaprio met Low at a birthday celebration in 2010 and made friends with him. Low was also a regular contributor to DiCaprio’s charitable foundation, and eventually floated the idea of providing the primary financing for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” DiCaprio claims that he thoroughly investigated Low’s funding and authenticity before entering into a commercial partnership with him

DiCaprio’s Testimony

During the trial, DiCaprio was questioned about a “casual conversation” he had with Jho Low about donating millions of dollars to Obama’s re-election campaign. He stated that the amount was significant, and he responded, “Wow that’s a lot of money!” Nonetheless, DiCaprio is not being charged with any wrongdoing in the issue, and Low is currently dodging authorities.

Michel, a founder of the hip-hop group The Fugees, has been accused of being a conduit for Low’s pilfered millions and attempts to influence the U.S. government. According to the accusation, as reported by Fox News, from June to November 2012, Low supervised the transfer of more than $21.6 million from foreign businesses to Michel’s accounts in order to fund the 2012 presidential race.


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