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Elvira’s Haunted Mansion: Brad Pitt Excitedly Purchases Los Feliz Home Despite Previous Owner’s Claims of Hauntings

The Los Feliz mansion that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shared with their six children was purchased in 1994 by Pitt from actress Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira. Peterson had claimed in a recent interview that she had sold the house because it was haunted.

The supposedly haunted house of Elvira sold to Brad Pitt in the Los Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

Peterson’s Haunted Los Feliz Home Intrigues Pitt

Brad Pitt purchased a mansion in the Los Feliz area in Los Angeles in 1994. Later, he lived there with Angelina Jolie and their six children. The home previously belonged to Cassandra Peterson, also known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Peterson claims that she sold the house in the 90s because it was haunted. According to Fox News, she explained that strange things were happening in the house since she moved in, which included seeing people walking around upstairs, a person floating in the pool, and even a ghost sitting downstairs in front of the fireplace.

Despite the haunting claims, Pitt was thrilled about the situation. Peterson warned him about the weird things happening in the house, and he found it to be a selling point for him. He was fascinated with the house and even loved the architecture, which included mahogany walls and copper ceilings.


Brad Pitt’s Renovations Transform Los Feliz Mansion Prior to Sale

After purchasing the mansion from Peterson for a reported $1.7 million, Pitt made several renovations to the estate. He even bought additional lots to add amenities such as a pool and a skating rink.

The mansion served as the family home for Pitt and Jolie for nearly 30 years before Pitt decided to sell it in March for approximately $40 million, as reported by People. The mansion’s architecture, including mahogany walls and copper ceilings, also drew Pitt’s attention.


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