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School Shootings May More Likely Target Black, Latino Students, Says Mother of Victim

Ja’Shawn Poirier, Victim of School Shootings [Photo: Yahoo Sports]
Ja’Shawn Poirier, Victim of School Shootings [Photo: Yahoo Sports]

Roshone Jacob, the mother of Ja’Shawn Poirier, a victim of a school shooting, has spoken. Jacob states that Black and Latino students may more likely be targeted in the arising school shootings.

Lamar High School Shootings Suspect [Photo: WFAA]

Lamar High School Shootings Suspect [Photo: WFAA]

Roshone Jacob had normally dropped off her son Ja’Shawn Poirier, 16, at school in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, 10 minutes after the drop off, Jacob received a call that said her son had been shot on the steps outside of school. Her son was reportedly wounded and another student suffered an abrasive wound. However, two hours later, Jacob’s son was declared dead at the hospital.

According to De Alba, police authorities stated that a fellow 15-year-old student at Lamar High School had shot a group of students with a long gun. Reports say this has been the fourth fatal shooting that had happened in a high school campus in 2023.

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Other School Shootings in 2023

According to Segura, the incident in Lamar High School happened a week before the school shootings at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. This year, 8 students and 3 staff members of schools with kindergarten through 12th grade have already been killed. The K-12 School Shooting Database revealed out of the 8 students, five were Black boys in high school.

In addition, a study from BuzzFeed News also discovered that half of the students and teachers killed on campus grounds in the past 10 years were either Black or Latino. The research done by Everytown for Gun Safety also revealed that 2 in 3 school shootings in the U.S. happened in majority-minority schools.

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