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Following Nashville Shooting, Florida Governor Condemned For Visiting Gun Store in Georgia

Florida Governor Condemned After Nashville Shooting [Photo: NBC News]
Florida Governor Condemned After Nashville Shooting [Photo: NBC News]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was condemned for visiting a popular gun store in Georgia. Reports say that the visit has received criticism because it was only days after the Nashville shooting in a school in Tennessee.

Nashville Shooting [Photo: Variety]

Nashville Shooting [Photo: Variety]

On March 30 in the afternoon, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida reportedly visited a popular gun store in Georgia for an event. The gun store was Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, northwest of Atlanta. Adventure Outdoors opened in 1977 and calls itself the “largest gun store in the world.”

According to Shabad, DeSantis spoke for hours during the event but allocated only a little time to address the issues of gun violence, safety, and rights. Instead, the Florida governor reportedly discussed COVID-19 policies, Black Lives Matter protests, sanctuary cities, building a border wall, and minors undergoing sex changes. However, this visit has received criticism from Democrats since the Nashville shooting in a school in Tennessee had only been days ago.

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Rally for the Nashville Shooting

An article on the Moms Demand Action states that Democrats criticized DeSantis for the visit and argued that it was unbecoming since it was only last March 27 when the Nashville shooting at The Covenant School happened. The suspect reportedly killed three children and three adults during the incident. On the contrary, the Republic, the group that hosted the event in Georgia, is in support of DeSantis. The group insisted that the Florida governor created an outline for freedom that served as a model across the country.

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