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Biden and McCarthy Struggle to Reach Agreement on Debt Ceiling Deal

President Biden and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have been unable to agree on raising the debt ceiling before the October 18 deadline. Despite private discussions, McCarthy has insisted that Democrats agree to certain conditions, such as spending limits and investigations into the withdrawal from Afghanistan, in exchange for cooperation. However, Democrats have rejected these proposals, which threaten the passage of Biden’s domestic agenda.


The debt ceiling is the maximum amount of debt the federal government is legally authorized to borrow. Without raising the debt ceiling, the US risks defaulting on its debt and causing a financial crisis. The US has already reached its debt limit, and the Treasury has been using extraordinary measures to avoid default, but these measures are expected to be exhausted by mid-October.


According to an article published by NBC on March 29, 2023, republicans have refused to collaborate with Democrats on this issue, and as the deadline approaches, it is uncertain whether an agreement will be reached. Failure to reach an agreement could have serious economic consequences, including higher borrowing costs, a decline in the value of the US dollar, and a potential global financial crisis.


The stakes are high, and both parties are under pressure to come to an agreement before the deadline. Democrats have accused Republicans of playing politics with the debt ceiling, while Republicans argue that Democrats are trying to pass their domestic agenda without making any concessions.



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