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Up to $25,000 Housing Grants Awarded in Evanston, Illinois for Reparation Programs

Housing Grants for Evanston, Illinois Residents [Photo: ABC News]
Housing Grants for Evanston, Illinois Residents [Photo: ABC News]

The Housing Restorative Program is awarding housing grants to the residents of Evanston, Illinois. In this article, read and find out who is eligible to receive up to $25,000 for house reparations!

Housing Grants for Evanston, Illinois Residents [Photo: WTTW News]

Housing Grants for Evanston, Illinois Residents [Photo: WTTW News]

In 2019, a historic resolution has passed in the city of Evanston in Illinois, the first in the U.S. to authorize such act. Fortunately, the cities of Asheville in North Carolina, Detroit in Michigan, and San Francisco in California are considering the reparations. The payments in San Francisco are deliberated to be as high as $5 million for every qualified Black resident.

According to Gallaga, this resolution in Evanston was reparations for the Black residents of the city who have been affected by discriminatory housing practices and anti-Black zoning laws. To date, the city’s Housing Restorative Program is providing residents with the option to receive cash. Eligible Black residents who lived in Evanston City between 1919 to 1960 can receive up to $25,000. The funds were released in 2021 and the housing grants began rolling out in 2022.

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What are the Housing Grants for?

According to Broaddus, the housing grants are intended to be used for down payments, renovations, and mortgage assistance. However, a vote was recently held to add an option of direct payout. This may seem satisfactory but the program has been time-consuming in issuing the housing grants.

To date, there are still 124 residents on the waiting list to be approved to receive the payments. Reports say a total of 650 residents have applied and the city of Evanston is still going over the applications.

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