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Domestic Violence Suspect For Disappearance of Vancouver Mom, Daughter Indicted in Another Crime

Domestic Violence Suspect Kirkland Warren [Photo: THV11]
Domestic Violence Suspect Kirkland Warren [Photo: THV11]

Kirkland Warren faced charges of violating a domestic violence order among others for the disappearance of a mom and daughter in Vancouver. Reports say the domestic violence suspect was also indicted for another crime in Arkansas.

Victims of Domestic Violence Suspect [Photo: NewsBreak]

Victims of Domestic Violence Suspect [Photo: NewsBreak]

On March 12, Kirkland Warren, 27, was allegedly the last person who was seen with Meshay Melendez, also 27, and her daughter, Layla Stewart, 8. The Vancouver Police Department stated that Melendez and Stewart were last seen around the Northeast 77th Avenue and Vancouver Mall Drive. According to court documents, Warren was in a relationship with Melendez. It also revealed that Melendez had previously reported being physically assaulted and shot by Warren at her apartment.

Eventually, on March 19, Melendez’s car was reportedly found. According to Burch, on the same day, authorities also arrested Warren for illegal possession of a firearm, tampering with a witness, and violation of a domestic violence order intended to protect Melendez. To date, the domestic violence suspect’s bail is set at $1,120,000 at Clark County Jail.

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Domestic Violence Suspect’s Other Crime

An article on the NBC News states that on March 22, the domestic violence suspect appeared before a Clark County judge for another crime in the state of Arkansas. The court documents revealed that Warren’s criminal history has an active case for murder and abuse of a corpse and is indicted in Arkansas. However, during the proceedings of the court, Warren’s attorney stated that he wishes to delay the waiting on extradition until he is able to reach his client.

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