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Newsbreak: Trump Rejects Political Alliance with DeSantis – Views Him as Major Threat to Re-Nomination in 2024 Republican Presidential Primary

Former President Donald Trump has stated that a political alliance with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “very unlikely” in an interview with Newsmax. Trump has attacked DeSantis before he has even entered the 2024 Republican presidential primary, and he views him as his most significant threat to re-nomination.

Based on a report by Fox News on March 25, 2023, DeSantis’ approval ratings have significantly increased since assuming office as governor in 2018 due to his refusal to implement pandemic-related restrictions, his proactive stance against critical race theory and gender-related teachings in educational institutions, and his confrontational approach towards corporations and media personalities who have voiced opposition to his policies.


Trump believes that he made DeSantis’ political career and feels betrayed by DeSantis, who is not supporting Trump’s third campaign for the presidency and appears to have his own White House ambitions. On Truth Social, Trump attacked DeSantis as ungrateful, disloyal, and an “average governor.”


DeSantis responded by spotlighting his overwhelming 19-point re-election victory last year and highlighting his “no-nonsense” governing style in comparison to the tumultuous Trump White House years. Trump maintains that DeSantis cannot win even if he decides to run for president because of his voting record in Congress. DeSantis’s decision to run for president won’t come until after the Florida legislature concludes its current session in May.

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