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Newsbreak: Colorado High School Shooting Suspect Found Dead in the Woods

The suspect in the Colorado high school shooting, 17-year-old Austin Lyle, has been found dead in the woods near an abandoned car. Lyle had been accused of wounding two administrators at East High School in Denver on Wednesday. The town of Bailey, near where the body was found, had been ordered to shelter in place while officers investigated.


One administrator was in surgery, while the other wounded man was able to give statements. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock expressed concern for the safety of students and staff. One student was transported to the hospital for an unrelated allergic reaction.


Lyle had been undergoing a search when he produced a weapon and fired shots, according to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas. East High School will be closed for the balance of the week, according to Denver Public Schools Administrator Alex Marrero, and two armed officers will be stationed at the campus for the duration of the school year.


Marrero stated that Lyle had been received at the school in January from another district and that a safety plan agreement had been in place for Lyle to be searched each day. The police chief stated that the search on Wednesday happened in the front office area, away from other students and staff.


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