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Social Security Administration Provides Extra Support: Second SSI Check Sent to Beneficiaries within Two Weeks

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will send a second Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check to recipients in March 2023. This means that beneficiaries will have an additional income this month but will not receive an SSI check in April. The amount a beneficiary receives depends on their monthly income, with the maximum monthly payment being $914. Only those who are over 65, have a disability, and have a low income are eligible for SSI. Beneficiaries must update their information promptly if they change their address, marital status, or any other important detail to ensure that payments are not delayed. SSI payments may also be delayed by banks due to debt, mortgages, incomplete information, or specific problems. The article encourages beneficiaries to check their eligibility for SSI payments through the Best Tool on the Social Security website.

The SSA will pay beneficiaries in March 2023 according to the following schedule: March 8 for those eligible for retirement or disability benefits; March 15 for those born between the 11th and 20th of the month; and March 22 for retirees born between the 21st and 31st of the month. SSI payments will be made on the same day for all beneficiaries. The second SSI check of the month will be the final payment.

Beneficiaries who have previously accepted SSI will receive the second check on March 31, with the payment being made on the same day for those with direct deposit. For those without Direct Deposit, the payment may take up to three days to arrive depending on the method of payment (Villalba, 2023).

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