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Local News in Florida: A Youngster Was Accused of Cutting the Throat of His Peer

After reportedly assaulting a different youngster at a residence on Saturday, an 8-year-old Florida boy was taken into custody.


Around 4:25 pm, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was called to a residence in Clermont. a child allegedly slit the throat of another child, according to an investigation released by FOX 35 Orlando.


As the deputy arrived, he saw a child outside the house beating on the door. The youngster was sobbing and expressing his want to remain with his family. The affidavit claims that while attempting to put the youngster in handcuffs, the toddler repeatedly pulled away. The youngster allegedly kicked a lead deputy and the patrol car when the officer tried to place him inside a marked patrol car.


The juvenile victim said he is a foster child who stays at the residence and was choked by the perpetrator, who let him go when he said he could not breathe. The victim’s throat was allegedly cut by the 8-year-old after he allegedly snatched and swung a kitchen knife. The affidavit indicated a neighborhood friend recovered the knife from the juvenile defendant.


According to an article published by Fox News on March 14, 2023, the boy then attempted to attack the victim with a stick but was prevented by several other kids. Before entering the house again to hunt for another weapon, the 8-year-old allegedly requested for the knife and declared his intention to “murder everyone.” He was placed under arrest and brought to the Lake County Correctional Center.


The youngster faces many allegations, including felony assault with a lethal weapon, battery by strangling, battery on a police officer, aggravated battery and resisting a law enforcement official.

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