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Newsbreak: Double SSI Checks in March – A Temporary Solution or a Financial Trap for Eligible Citizens?

The US Social Security Administration will send two separate Supplemental Security Income (SSI) checks in March to eligible citizens. However, according to on on February 17, 2023, retirees aged 62 cannot receive SSI due to not meeting the age requirement, except for those with disability benefits who can apply and receive monthly checks. The maximum SSI amount is $914 in 2023 and is tied to individual recipient situations. There is no exact minimum amount for SSI. The day of check receipt is the same regardless of the amount received.


While the double SSI checks in March may seem advantageous, financial planning is necessary to avoid problems in April when no SSI money will be received. SSI eligibility is based on income and resources and can affect other benefits, which need to be reported. The Social Security Administration provides online tools to check SSI eligibility, as reported by Tododisca on March 20, 2023.


SSI is a need-based program that assists the elderly, disabled, and blind. To receive SSI, certain requirements must be met, and failing to meet them results in loss of eligibility. The age requirement for SSI is 65 or older, except for those with disability benefits. SSI payments are due on the 1st of each month, and the April SSI will be sent in March since April 1st is a weekend, according to Tododisca’s report. Citizens who do not meet all requirements will not receive SSI. The program does not allow for increasing the amount received like regular Social Security.

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