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Arkansas Father Found Innocent of Daughter’s 2004 Murder, Killed In Car Crash

Arkansas Father Killed in Car Crash [Photo: ABC7 Chicago]
Arkansas Father Killed in Car Crash [Photo: ABC7 Chicago]

Kevin Fox was killed in a car crash after a head-on collision with another driver, Michael Glasscock. Reportedly, the Arkansas father was wrongly accused for the murder of his daughter in 2004 but was eventually found innocent.

Arkansas Father's Daughter Murdered in 2004 [Photo: CBS News]

Arkansas Father’s Daughter Murdered in 2004 [Photo: CBS News]

The Arkansas State Police said that on March 20, Kevin Fox, 46, was driving on State Highway 7 near Dardanelle when his car crashed head-on with another driver, Michael Glasscock, 47. Reports say Glasscock was also on the same road as Fox and crossed into his path. According to Norkol, unfortunately, both Fox and Glasscock have died.

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Arkansas Father Wrongly Accused of Daughter’s 2004 Murder

According to Feurer, in 2004, Fox was wrongly accused of the murder of Riley, his 3-year-old daughter. The Arkansas father had reportedly spent 8 months in jail until a DNA evidence eventually revealed the real suspect, Scott Eby. Thereafter, a federal appeals court discarded the charges on Fox based on the DNA evidence. Eby, on the other hand, pleaded guilty to raping and drowning Riley.

Eby confessed that on the night of the murder, he was drunk and high on cocaine. He originally intended to rob the Foxes’ residence but decided to rape Riley when he saw her sleeping. However, authorities at that time did not consider the pieces of evidence and rather focused on the Arkansas father as the suspect after an extensive interrogation.

Fortunately, the Arkansas father was eventually released on June 17, 2005. The case initially went cold for around 5 years until Eby was arrested. In 2007, Fox and his wife was awarded $15.5 million in damages by a federal jury. Fox reportedly filed a lawsuit that accused the Will County Police of framing him for Riley’s murder. However, the damages was later reduced to around $8.2 million.

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