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SNAP Benefits 2023 Brought Back To Pre-COVID-19 Levels This Month

SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: MARCA]
SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: MARCA]

At the beginning of March, the SNAP benefits 2023 have reportedly been brought back to the levels of pre-COVID-19 pandemic. This means that the temporary emergency allotments added were discontinued last month.

SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: Brookings]

SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: Brookings]

Teresa Calderez, 63, who is disabled and had been unable to work for years, used to receive more than $20 per month in SNAP benefits. However, this additional payment is now discontinued as the federal U.S. government gradually ends their COVID-19 pandemic assistance programs.

This means that the emergency allotments in SNAP benefits 2023 have already ended last month. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities revealed that the decrease in the payments were around $90 per month on average for individuals. On the other hand, some families have experienced a decrease by $250 or more.

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Emergency SNAP Benefits 2023 Ended This Month

According to Hodges, when the U.S. Congress approved the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, the amount of SNAP benefits increased by around 13.6%. The increase was really intended to be  temporary, but experts believe that the SNAP benefits 2023 ended too early to make a significant impact.

On November 1, 2013, the amount of SNAP benefits were also reduced for all recipients. The total reduction made across the country amounted to around $5 billion. This means that the amount allocated to each recipient was reduced by up to $1.70. For a household with four members, the benefits decreased by around $36 which is equal to around 21 meals per month.

Furthermore, the impact of the decrease was not cancelled by the budget of other programs. This is because children cannot benefit from school meals when they are not in school. Ultimately, by reducing the SNAP benefits to fund other programs, children were put in more risk of food insecurity.

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