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SNAP Benefits 2023: 3 States Increase Monthly Payments As Emergency Allotments Ended

SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: New Mexico Higher Education Department]
SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: New Mexico Higher Education Department]

Three states have reportedly increased their SNAP benefits 2023 as emergency allotments ended this month. In this article, read and find out which U.S. states increased their monthly payments!

SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: MARCA]

SNAP Benefits 2023 [Photo: MARCA]

After the month of February, the temporary increase of the emergency allotments to SNAP benefits 2023 was discontinued throughout the country. This means that at the beginning of this month, the SNAP benefits received have lost its additional payments and were returned to normal. An article on the U.S. Department of Agriculture states that fortunately, three U.S. states have decided to take measures by increasing their monthly allotments to the SNAP beneficiaries.

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New Jersey

According to Bizouati-Kennedy, in February, Phil Murphy, the state of New Jersey’s Governor, signed a bill into law. This law reportedly guarantees that every household will receive at least $95 per month in SNAP benefits beginning March 1.

West Virginia

Reports say the lawmakers of the state of West Virginia proposed a series of bills related to SNAP benefits 2023. One of the bills included requiring the state to increase its monthly SNAP benefits and at least match the federal government’s emergency allotments for families with children and pregnant women.


In January, Massachusetts’s Governor Maura Healey announced the state’s Supplemental Budget. The budget reportedly included $130 million to build an “off-ramp” from the federal government’s emergency allotments. The state has proposed to provide an additional SNAP allotments that equal to 40% of the SNAP benefits for three months.

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